Your user – happy or active?

09/11/2018 0 By walsk

Imagine you manage a big SaaS. Your goal is to earn a lot of money. In general the amount of money this SaaS earns for you is directly proportional to user activity.

And you have ambitious goals (like, increase the amounts of active users by X by the end of the year).

Aaaand… to reach your goal, you completely get rid of meaningful features. Example: news feed service, where you could in theory add filters by news type, etc., but you don’t! Why? Because to find interesting news, the user will scroll through the feed and the more he scrolls, the more ads you show and the bigger is the revenue you get… As opposed to filters, less content viewed and less ads revenue earned.

As a SaaS owner, this seems like a flawless logic… 

…until you’re forced to see this from the user’s point of view. Then you have just another shitty service and just need to look for a better alternative.

… if it exists. Because successful services tend to copy-paste business decisions and growth directions.

So what’s the point of this post?

  1. For users – don’t be lazy and look for better services.
  2. For small business owners – there’s always some opportunity in the field of those ideas abandoned by “big players” because of the fact they’re dumb. 🙂
  3. For big business owners – forget about all your money for a minute and think from the user’s point of view. That might uncover great opportunities (and you might save some money on ads!).