Notes on newly released iOS 12

19/09/2018 0 By walsk

For the record: it works!

And nothing important to me was broken! No significant UI changes, just positive experience and new amazing feature. Did you just change all the decision making team, Apple? Thank you for that!

Amazing features I enjoy:

  • Notifications: they’ve brought back app notifications sorted by app, now they’re nicely stacked and you can unstack them, check and clear as needed (I’ve got used to using notification centre as kind of todo list)
  • Screen Time: new part of the system, that tracks your screen time and is configurable to limit access to particular applications. For example, you can limit daily Facebook usage to 30 minutes. I don’t quite need this feature, but it’s nice and funny to see, where the time actually goes.

I’m not a huge fan of Apple and I disapprove some steps they’ve taken recently, but this particular update seems to be brilliant. Keep up the good work!