Gatsby.js: links, external and internal

03/03/2019 0

Today I’m digging into links and how Gatsby and React work with them. It turns out, that there’s React own Link component in react-router module β€”Β and there’s Gatsby wrapper around that, its own Link component. Gatsby’s Link: internal only! Remember: Gatsby wrapper is for internal links only. Documentation. They recommend to use if statement to…

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Jekyll remote themes on Github Pages

19/02/2019 0

Github Pages supports only limited number of Jekyll plugins. And I’d like to tell you today about one of them called jekyll-remote-theme (thanks for creating it, Ben Balter!). In your _config.yml you use the line: remote_theme: github_username/theme_repo to use the theme with your Jekyll blog or website. The thing is: you can pretty much fork…

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gatsby-universal shows raw markdown

13/02/2019 0

If you’re like me and tried to figure out, what’s the matter with markdown not converted to HTML properly: for gatsby-universal starter it’s a known thing. They’ve even had an issue (closed with explanation from the author, how to deal with that). By default in index.js we have rawMarkdownBody used instead of html, but even…

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How to use childMarkdownRemark

12/02/2019 0

Disclaimer (for you, if your reaction to the title is facepalm): I’ve tried to google exactly that, before I understood, how markdown processing works in Gatsby. So this post is an attempt to give a hand to my fellow learn-by-doers. πŸ˜€ If you’re like me and learn by doing, you’ve probably cloned some Gatsby starter…

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Jekyll site on GitHub pages with custom plugins

05/02/2019 0

How to set up a site with plugins, that are not included in github-pages gem? Problem: my site is not building remotely on github Why? It might happen, because you’re using custom plugins. GitHub has a list of whitelisted plugins. The other plugins are not supported for security reasons. What can you do, if your…

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jekyll does not generate collection

03/02/2019 0

Shortcut. πŸ™‚ I wonder, how many hours I will save for humanity here. (For the part of humanity that thinks using the same words I use. Hey! Hope you’ll have a nice day after reading this.) Moving parts Collections for Jekyll < 3.7 should be located in your site root directory and start with underscore.…

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Goodbye, cloud storage!

22/01/2019 0

Today I’m in the middle of moving all my notes, records, diaries, todos and so on out of the Internet. The reason is simple: negative experience prevails over positive. Negative: SaaS trend. Today you use a tool — tomorrow it charges you $5 per month. This is okay, devs also need to support their families……

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sed with capture groups

15/01/2019 0

One of my typical tasks these days is updating large amounts of files using some given rules. I would be silly to do these tasks manually, but it seems like an overkill to create a tool just for that (btw, I’m sure it already exists!). Please note: I use GNU sed v. 4.4 Remember this…

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“It doesn’t have to be crazy at work”

20/11/2018 0

Don’t read this book, if you’re an “average Joe” software developer, especially if you have any sign or chance to have a burnout soon. And if you work at an average software company too. Why? Because this may leave you with the feeling of deep sadness. You may even start the process of changing jobs.…

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Thoughts on company perks

14/11/2018 0

“Message of this post”: what company perks are important to you? What are not important? And why? + my answer to these questions. Rodolphe Dutel, founder of the Remotive community (and much more), shared a tweet month ago, and this tweet has become wildly popular. Here it is: Screenshot – just in case it gets…

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